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2011 Volkswagen Amarok

2011 Volkswagen AmarokThe new 2011 Volkswagen Amarok will be launched into the market during the first quarter of 2011. Many of the technologies implemented in the Volkswagen Amarok are being used for the first time in the mid-size pickup segment.

2011 Volkswagen Amarok Interior2011 Volkswagen Amarok Interior. The truck’s exceptional interior dimensions make it the most spacious in its class. The vehicle’s finely tuned ergonomics are typical of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and the Amarok. Easy entry, a generous seating layout and lots of head room characterize the workspace behind the wheel. Ample leg room on the rear bench also makes the Amarok a full-fledged five-seater. When only two persons are aboard, the rear seat folds to increase interior cargo space.

2011 Volkswagen Amarok Exterior2011 Volkswagen Amarok Exterior. Specifically, one of its most prominent identifying features is the visual unit formed by the horizontal headlights and radiator grille and decorative trim accents. Extending back from the vehicle’s front face is a surface that develops over the fender contour to the side windows and encloses them in an arch. The cleanly sculpted curvatures of the pickup’s side body panels and engine hood give the Amarok the typical rugged look of a pickup. At the rear, the prominent Volkswagen logo catches the eye on the tailgate whose smooth surface still embodies a high level of excitement. It is framed by the pickup’s taillights whose distinctive signature is their characteristic night design. The high standards of the entire development team are expressed in details like these, details that showcase the Amarok as a genuine Volkswagen and set it apart from the competition with its top quality and high-class design..

2011 Volkswagen Amarok Engine2011 Volkswagen Amarok Engines and Transmissions. With 120 kW / 163 PS in power and 2.0 litre displacement, the TDI features common rail direct injection with two-stage control bi-turbo charging and generates a maximum torque of 400 Newton-meter at a low 1,500 rpm. This superior performance contrasts with a remarkably low combined fuel consumption of just 7.6 litres diesel per 100 kilometres (Amarok 4×2).

The second engine variant, following in mid-2010, is another TDI four cylinder with 90 kW / 122 PS. Its technology includes a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. The “small” TDI already develops an impressive torque of 340 Newton-meter from 2,000 rpm. This TDI consumes just 7.5 l/100 km. And so, both TDIs break the 200 g/km CO2 emissions limit that was considered a barrier in this class. Refueling becomes a side issue with the Volkswagen Amarok with ranges of more than 1,000 kilometres, enabled by their low combined fuel consumptions. The turbo-diesel direct-injection engines also fulfil the Euro-5 emissions standard. The pickup comes with a standard six speed transmission.

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