9:47 pm - Tuesday October 16, 2018

2012 Hamann McLaren MP4-12C memoR

2012 Hamann McLaren memoR MP4-12cThe new 2012 Hamann McLaren MP4-12C memoR is result in an aggressive styled and eye-catching sports car.

2012 Hamann McLaren memoR MP4-12c Interior2012 Hamann McLaren MP4-12C memoR Interior and Exterior. The irresistible mix of spectacular aerodynamic vents and guiding surfaces together with the closed circular silhouette precisely the tension creates one to burst tensioning the muscle, like in the full volume of extended wheel arches that barely cover the huge forged wheels or the sinewy hoods Tower, at the same time representing a defusing of the dangerous wiper edges in the event of a collision of passers-by.

2012 Hamann McLaren memoR MP4-12c ExteriorThe large front splitter, the upper and side wheel arch forced vents, the lateral deep drawn down ground effect door sills and the extended rear diffuser give not only the consistent racing look in combination with the large rear wing, but ensure also the necessary aerodynamic balance and the welcome pressure for a plus of G-force and ultimately the functional added value of this aesthetically compelling concept.

The rear fender is perceived now from the rear window up to the wheel arch as a member of the monster wide and even though also the silhouette is soft closed, a spectacular increase in the perceived width of the stern, which crowns the rear end in conjunction with the diffusor-page boxes, which consistently continues the lines of the side sills to the rear and the triple exhaust arises.

2012 Hamann McLaren memoR MP4-12c Engine2012 Hamann McLaren MP4-12C memoR Engines and Transmissions. Engine received absolutely zero updates, standard 592 horsepower @ 7,000 rpm and 443 lb/ft of torque between 3,000 to 6,500 rpm.

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