9:33 pm - Wednesday November 14, 2018

2012 Toyota FCV-R Concept

2012 Toyota FCV-R ConceptThe new 2012 Toyota FCV-R Concept make the closest technology yet to the ultimate eco-car, with hydrogen as an ideal, ultra-clean energy source.

2012 Toyota FCV-R Concept Interior2012 Toyota FCV-R Concept Interior. A centre console-mounted, twin-screen evolution of Toyota Touch Life -recently launched on Toyota iQ- provides easy access to the main infotainment controls. The lower, icon-display touch-screen is designed to control the navigation, audio and air conditioning systems. Located within the driver’s line of sight to minimise distraction time, the upper screen displays the most relevant driver information, including the navigation map and guidance in 3D.

2012 Toyota FCV-R Concept Exterior2012 Toyota FCV-R Concept Exterior. The front and rear styling employs a “W” motif, symbolizing the fuel cell cooling system. This creates a sleek, aerodynamically efficient cabin silhouette and a unique road presence.

2012 Toyota FCV-R Concept Engine2012 Toyota FCV-R Concept Engines and Transmissions. Generating zero CO2, NOx or PM and with water vapour the only emission, a fuel cell displays outstanding energy efficiency. In theory, it can convert as much as 83% of hydrogen’s energy into electric power. This is about twice the efficiency possible with current generation petrol and diesel engines.

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