3:44 pm - Sunday December 12, 2018

2012 Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS5

2012 Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS5The new 2012 Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS5 has its own distinct characteristics. Vorsteiner adds both an aggressive look, as well as functionality and performance to the executive car.

2012 Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS5 Interior2012 Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS5 Interior and Exterior. The front bumper is designed with additional vertical vents to allow for improved airflow, while the rear bumper cover integrated diffuser features slightly longer aero fins to assist in creating additional downforce.

2012 Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS5 ExteriorThe kit also includes wide arch front fenders, extended side skirts, and wide arch rear quarter panels, all made in carbon fiber. The car sits on a new set of 19″ Vorsteiner VS-310 forged aluminum wheels and will be further identified thanks to a chrome trunk badge emblem and embroidered floor mats.

2012 Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS5 Engine2012 Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTRS5 Engines and Transmissions. There is no clear information about the addition of a special engine performance from Vorsteiner. But it is enough to the congenital BMW M3 V8 high-rev engine has genuine race-car character. Every component has been carefully optimised to maximise output and engine speed. The result? 309 kW (420 hp), up to 8,300 rpm, and 400 Nm of torque at 3,900 rpm.

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