3:44 pm - Sunday December 10, 2018

2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series Coupe

2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series CoupeThe new 2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series Coupe includes both upgrades for the exterior and interior design, as well as offering performance improvements

2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series Coupe Interior2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series Coupe Interior. For a superior look, choose from the AC Schnitzer gear knob with digital gear display, an illuminated leather gear knob and the Aluminium “Black Line“ gear knob. The AC Schnitzer “Black Line” aluminium handbrake handle, aluminium pedal set and foot rest, AC Schnitzer keyholder and velours foot mats reinforce the feeling that driving pleasure simply can’t get better than after the “AC Schnitzer treatment”.

2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series Coupe Exterior2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series Coupe Exterior. When you reach the top, you want to be heard. The AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with 2 chromed “Racing Evo“ tailpipes or the “Sport“ tailpipes (both in right/left combination) ensure that the imposing appearance doesn’t go unnoticed. For purely visual enhancement, the tuning experts also offer the chromed “Racing Evo“ tailpipe trim and the chromed “Sport“ tailpipe trim, with a 90 millimetre diameter, individually.

The carbon front spoiler (for M-Technik vehicles), carbon mirror cover, carbon rear diffuser (for M 235i), a rear roof spoiler and the AC Schnitzer rear skirt film clearly distinguish the vehicle from standard. Developed on the principle of “Form follows Function“, the AC Schnitzer carbon aerodynamic components primarily improve driving behaviour and ensure better ground adhesion thanks to improved downforce.

The wide range of AC Schnitzer wheelsets available for the 2-series coupé also goes beyond the standard. Type VIII BiColor forged alloys, Type VIII BiColor rims in black or silver or anthracite, and Type IV silver or BiColor black rims: all give that unmistakeable sporting look when fitted with corresponding tyres (18“, 19“ or 20“).

2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series Coupe Engine2014 AC Schnitzer BMW 2 Series Coupe Engines and Transmission. The power development of the BMW M 235i is even higher; the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade adds a further 54 hp to the standard 240 kW/326 hp, giving a total of 279 kW/380 hp. And if that weren’t enough, an AC Schnitzer high performance intercooler is also available for the M235i. Because of its size (520x210x130 mm) and stepped construction, it offers an 80% larger air contact surface and 62% more charge air volume than the standard intercooler, and hence ensures optimum cooling. The perceptible results are a sustained and homogenous power development from the engine.

Nor have AC Schnitzer overlooked the diesel versions: with 126 kW/171 hp (BMW 218d), 160 kW/218 hp (BMW 220d) and 190 kW/258 hp (BMW 225d), in all cases the performance upgrades provide substantially more than the BMW standard. In all models, the AC Schnitzer engine styling shows that these vehicles stand out from the crowd.

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