3:44 pm - Monday December 12, 2018

2014 Best-Tuning BMW 435ix

2014 Best-Tuning BMW 435ixThe new 2014 Best-Tuning BMW 435ix comes without the styling upgrades, but this program is far from a dud. Actually, it’s got some nice qualities to it, although not to the extent of what other aftermarket firms have developed for BMW’s newest eye candy.

2014 Best-Tuning BMW 435ix Interior2014 Best-Tuning BMW 435ix Interior and Exterior. Best-Tuning did do some serious work improving the 4 Series performance capabilities, including a mild engine tune and some chassis upgrades.

2014 Best-Tuning BMW 435ix ExteriorThe fruitful co-operation with SCHMIDT GmbH in Bad Segeberg alias “Schmidt Revolution” let make the difficult because of the wealth of the offered possibilities choice for the type Gambit in the dimensions 8.5×20” in combination with 235/30-20 tires on the front or 10×20” with 275/25-20 tires on the rear axle.

2014 Best-Tuning BMW 435ix Engine2014 Best-Tuning BMW 435ix Engines and Transmission. The power improvement only by software modification without another hardware warrants for a HP-boost of the serial 306 HP up to now 365 HP.

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