8:42 am - Wednesday April 25, 2018

2017 Renault Zoe

2017-renault-zoe-front-angle-1The New 2017 Renault Zoe is a new version offering exclusive features Renault has launched a new version of the ZOE that targets customers seeking exclusive features.

2017-renault-zoe-interior-12017 Renault Zoe Interior. New features will be added to the Z.E. app in the first half of 2017 to make journeys in the ZOE even easier, including door-to-door navigation. Thanks to this feature, the user can enter his or her complete trip using their smartphone app and then forward it to the ZOE’s navigation system (Renault R-LINK). Once in the car, the driver can access their pre-programmed itinerary automatically. The Z.E. smartphone app keeps ZOE drivers connected to their car, even when they are not driving, in order to optimize battery charging.

There are new interior appointments for the ZEN version to provide an even brighter cabin: a chrome R-LINK console surround, a geometric pattern for the dashboard trim and a gloss metallic Fumé Grey finish for the gear lever trim, speaker surrounds, etc.

The INTENS version now comes with electrical folding door mirrors and new two-tone 16-inch aluminium wheels. There is added refinement inside the cabin, too, thanks notably a new black finish for the upholstery and different materials around the cabin. A new elegant and vibrant blue Interior Pack is also available for Intens versions.

2017-renault-zoe-rear-angle-12017 Renault Zoe Exterior. Just as it conceives and manufactures the majority of its powertrains, Renault designed and makes the ZOE, thanks not only to the expertise it has acquired as a pioneer in the world of electric vehicles mobility and as Europe’s number one electric-vehicle brand, but also to its technical and sporting partnership roles in the FIA Formula E Championship. Groupe Renault’s know-how is chiefly rooted in France where its high added-value vehicles and components are essentially designed and produced.

The R75/90 motor is made at Renault’s Cléon factory in Normandy, a flagship facility in the field of engine and transmission production for the group. Launched in the spring of 2015 and originally known as the R240, this motor was entirely developed by Renault and led to the filing of 95 patents.

2017-renault-zoe-front2017 Renault Zoe Engines and Transmission. As the pioneer of all-electric mobility and Europe’s number one seller of electric vehicles, Renault has stepped up its innovation program and the deployment of its Zero Emissions strategy. Fitted with the new Z.E. 40 battery, the Renault ZOE now delivers a record NEDC driving range of 400km, which is twice the distance delivered by the model at the time of its original launch.

The new Z.E. 40 battery has a real-world range of 300 kilometers in urban or suburban areas, for example. The range permitted today by the ZOE is the longest of any mainstream all-electric vehicle and motorists can take advantage of this step forward now.

The new battery removes the final psychological barrier that stands in the way of buying an electric car since ZOE users can now travel further and enjoy a wider variety of driving situations without worry about charging. This makes weekend trips a real possibility.

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