1:48 am - Thursday December 13, 2018

How To Compare Auto Warranty Companies

Auto WarrantyHow To Compare Auto Warranty Companies and Protect Yourself. To help make it easy, following these Step by step to How To Compare Auto Warranty Companies. All the essentials are covered here, the rest is up to you.

  • Beware of boiler-plate warranty contracts and avoid brokers. They are money movers; they want to move money from your pocket to theirs. Brokers are not worried about you after your contract is signed. You will be someone else’s problem.
  • Next, ask any company you are considering for a physical location and phone number. That way you can check on their reliability with outside organizations like the BBB and other consumer agencies.
  • Do business direct with a full-service warranty company. These are the people who will actually be paying your claims. You can again use outside agencies to check their claims paying history. You can’t check up on Brokers because they don’t pay claims. They just sell.
  • Common sense tells you that you will receive much better customer service when your contact for claims is the same contact that sold you the coverage. Remember, the average consumer buys many cars during a lifetime and reputable companies depend of happy consumers purchasing repeatedly. They also depend on their customers to refer friends and other family members.
  • Lastly, be diligent throughout the whole process. Actually read the contract that arrives in the mail before you sign it.
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